Video: Thinning / Logging small Fir trees with Gyrotrac Forestry Mulcher. Shelton, WA

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Author: Tyler

Monday, Jan 10, 2022

On this Project Kevin, Eric, and Mason, use the Gyrotrac, Caterpillar 299XHP skid steer with FAE forestry mulcher, Bobcat E42 excavator.

We identified defect trees to selectively thin along with clearing some openings. We come across a lot of projects where customers are left with a mess after logging, that they had not anticipated. On this project mulching as we go we were able to be very efficient in taking the trees down, mulching the stumps, masticating the branches and then bucking and staking the logs leaving the site with a nice even layer of mulch rather then a mountain of branches and a stump field to navigate. If you have a project where you were left with a mess after logging we can still help. But Forestry Mulching as we log is by far the most efficient.

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