How Much Does Land Clearing Cost?

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Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021

Blackberry land before and after.

How much does land clearing cost per acre? I won’t make you read the whole article but generally speaking $1,300-$5,000 per acre. There many factors that play a part in cost terrain, number and size of trees, old stumps left over from logging. Many of these factors are hard to see on a large plot of land 10 or more acres and some times it is not even possible to walk the property. When this is the case we like to work in phases. Phase 1 light to medium brush, leaving trees larger then 8” dbh (diameter at breast height) and stumps Phase 2 we can now properly identify stumps and trees to give accurate pricing for additional work if any is needed. Phase 3 would be any soil work grading tilling ect.

Depending on size and visibility of your land it is possible to give accurate pricing for your project without going through the different phases but for large projects 10 acres or more it is best to work in different phases. But before starting we are happy to set a budget based on what we can see.

If I had to give an average price per acre for land clearing in western Washington for medium brush and medium spacing of large trees I would say the average price comes out to be closer to $1,500-$2,000 per acre. We are happy to provide free estimates so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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