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Monday, Jan 3, 2022

Foresty Mulching Equipment

Forestry Mulching Equipment Rental? Looking to rent a forestry mulcher but can't find one, here's why. Believe me we have tried ourselves to rent a forestry mulcher machine when we have been extremely busy, but no-one wants to rent them out. It's because of the maintenance and up keep. The amount of dust and wood fibers generated from the work gets into the engine, air filter, radiator, cab, ect. This fiber dust left uncleaned for even a week can clog the radiator's cooling capacity causing the machine to overheat or even worse, during the heat of summer the fiber dust in the underbelly of the machine could catch fire. Although there is a risk that an unmaintained machine could catch fire, the risk of the mulching machine itself starting a fire is very low.

Another reason is greasing the machine. Ask any rental company about their Equipment getting greased by the renter, less than 10% of the rental customers grease the Equipment. If the main bearings are not greased with the exact correct grease daily this WILL RESULT IN BEARING FAILURE. Having had to make this repair myself I know it costs over $5,000 just in parts, plus a solid week of shop time. The Skid-steer itself will have an overall shorter life expectancy. Mulching requires full RPM operation and generates lots of heat which wears out hydraulic pumps. The life expectancy without issues for a skid-steer is about 2,000 hours.

Mulcher heads themselves have many expensive wear items. A set of long lasting 200-400 hour teeth will cost over $3,000. The one item that many people don't think about is the liner inside the head where all of the debris is forced past. This part, depending on the mulching head, is a weld in part that requires complete disassembly of the bearings (which will require new bearings). So a mulcher head rebuild could cost up to $10,000 just in parts, plus labor.

Lastly, land clearing is hard on equipment and things break. Some companies don't even want to rent out excavators for land clearing to home owners for fear of damage. So if you are lucky enough to find something to rent, my guess is that company won't be doing it for long once they realize the actual cost. If you need land clearing or brush mowing in the Thurston, Mason, Pierce, Lewis, King, or surrounding areas and can't find a Forestry Mulcher to rent give us a call. We offer Day rates and flat rate bidding.

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